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SOUND V.I.ZION RECORDS is a conscious record label with its roots stemming from the island of St. Croix in the Virgin Islands. Bringing conscious messages through music and all its forums to all peoples of JAH Earth. Music of struggle, upliftment, revolution, family, and I N I love for I N I African heritage. And so we beat the kete drum and sing songs of redemption SOUND V.I.ZION debuted in October of 2000 with a CD compilation of 15 tracks entitled CULTURELLENNIUM featuring various artists. Throughout the following years SOUND VIZION has forwarded while compiling 9 CDs to date. CULTURELLENNIUM 1 and 2 (Compilations), HAPPINESS and LOVE LIFE from RAS ATTITUDE, WHO YOU ARE and KEEP THE FAITH from RAS BATCH, and RISE TODAY from sistren MADA NILE. Year 2005 saw the colaboration of two powerful CDs. JAH GUIDANCE by BATCH, recorded with Carrion Brookes Productions