Diego has worked with a plethora of talented musicians, gurus and wizards in the past to tool up, practice and mentor his life's carrer https://bettingsiteonline.co.tz/1xbet-tanzania. .
He started out in Chile in the mid nineties, producing Instrumentals and backing tracks for various Hip-Hop artists and MCs. Some working with EMI, others Sony / Alerce, and lots of  independants.
From Chile, he moved to Toronto where he pursued Hip Hop works for a short period until moving to Calgary. 
Calgary was home and steady work for about 10 years, becoming very entrenched in music bettingsiteonline.co.tz/1xbet-tanzania.
In 2002, Diego built a small recording studio with his good friend Brad Hawkins. Refining his knowledge and skill with all kinds of music recordings, mix projects, post froduction , and technical works.
Diego also gained inspiration and experience of acoustic and live music recording while attending a music residency at the banff centre . This inspired many new ideas, and appreciation for the “Away from it all” lifestyle.

During his time in Calgary, Diego also ventured into the world of Motion picture lighting with the IATSE motion picture technicians union. He also worked in Location sound for independant films, and post production mixing in a variety of broadcast Film and Video productions www.bettingsiteonline.co.tz/1xbet-tanzania.

Now settled on the east coast, he continues his work in his new "opus masterpiece" studio in Riverport, Nova Scotia “The old Confidence Lodge”. A now, repurposed, old Music hall and stage built by the Oddfellows in 1929.
Finding this space was sort of a "dream come true " and was meticulously modified into a facility to host a environment where the best audio recordings could be made. Diego is watching and making  the studio improve and grow through the artists and talented individuals who grace the facility through impeccable production, and a large harvest of timeless , sonic goodness.
Diego is always hoping to make your next recording experience as amazing as can be.
After playing, writing and recording music for most of his life, Jason's interest in the recording arts lead him to getting involved here at the lodge. After committing himself for close to 2 years here he moved to Toronto where he completed the Audio Production Program at Harris Institute. Since graduating with honours from Harris, Jason's returned to freelancing at the lodge where he can be found leading projects. His technical know-how and level of muscianship are great attributes for any project that comes through the door.
Aside from music he's also involving himself in the audio post industry by offering foley, sound design, SFX, composing for film, and dialogue/ADR services.
Other skills he brings to the table include web development and video editing. Examples of all are available upon request.